This summer, in between road trips, camping, a visit home, and an upcoming wedding, I’ve been fitting in loads of writing and presenting.  It’s been a summer of unplugging in the Jemez mountains speckled with urgent runs to the closest internet connection at the country store to meet a deadline.20170628_182721

It’s been a summer of tree climbing and s’mores on one side of the country and, on the other, long walks from the Capitol building to the FDR memorial, contrasting today’s tweets with Roosevelt’s eloquence.

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Each moment for play has been followed by hours creating prezis and plans for PD that I hope inspires and promotes teacher’s professionalism.

I’ve thought so much about how much work there is to be done but also about how important it is to be present. I’ve thought of how we must always see ourselves as unfinished but also how important it is that we accept and love who we are today.

The hopping in and out of focused and relaxed modes this summer has helped me to also zoom in and out of thoughts of big picture ideas and the minute details.  Like we Heart of Texas Writing Project teachers do, I’ve thought about what I believe and how I can align my daily practices with my beliefs.

As a part of some work this summer, I had the fortune of co-presenting with my incredibly talented friend and colleague, Kerry Alexander. We created this video for a presentation in June.

Just today, I’ve updated the video for a presentation in Spanish later this month.

Whether in the classroom, or in a tent under the pines with my family, my goal is to keep aligning my practices with my  beliefs, letting history inform my present and possibility inspire my future.





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