3rd Grader Poetry Publication Reflections

After her 3rd graders presented their poetry at a local restaurant for their Poetry Publication Party, Mrs. Smiley of Lost Pines Elementary in Bastrop ISD had them reflect on the experience of writing and revising poems for a public audience. Here’s what they had to say!

When I was preparing for the publishing party I…

“was nervous because I kind of messed up.  I came up with this poem because I went to my cousin’s house”

“felt happy because I go to do my own poem”

“was proud of myself and I thought it was difficult because you had to think of words”

“felt scared, happy and excited”

“was proud and nervous because I made a narrative poem”

“practiced in front of the class”

“felt excited because I like publishing parties”

“was very nervous.  I had butterflies in my stomach,  I tried to keep it under control.”

“I brainstormed and made sure it sounded like it was supposed to”

When I know my writing is going to be shared by the community I…

“practiced at home and made sure I spelled everything right”

“do my best and act like I’m not nervous”

“feel happy that my writing will be shared”

“was excited and very nervous”

“was very nervous but I was excited”

“try to practice without laughing or giggling”

“think about how loud I was going to speak and about who is going to be there”

When I hear other students read their writing I…

“feel more confident about reading mine”

“clap for them to make them feel happy”

“feel good and it makes me feel more confident”

“feel good to hear that they share in public”

“think they are funny, happy, and nervous”

“come up with new poems to write”

“try to understand what it’s about”

I think when adults and community hear kids’ writing they…

“feel humorous”

“feel happy for other kids and their child and clap”

“feel happy and calm and warm inside”

“are happy for them and excited to hear them”

“feel happy and excited”

“enjoy the kids’ writing, they love it a lot”

“think about what types of poems there are”

I think when kids share their writing they…

“feel confident once they see others read theirs”

“feel kind of nervous but when they share they are not anymore”

“feel good and confident and maybe a little nervous”

“express feelings and a lot of emotion”

“know they are good and funny”

“have butterflies in their stomachs”

“get nervous and try not to look at the crowd so they don’t get scared”