As a Co-Director and Teacher Consultant with the Heart of Texas Writing Project, Katie McKay draws from her experience as an educator and consultant, her Writing Project colleagues, and peer-reviewed books and articles about the teaching of writing to support teachers’ study and implementation of Writing Workshop.  Here, she will begin to link to resources related to the writing workshop routines and procedures, mini lessons, conferences, mentor texts, and genre studies.

Resources for Teaching Writing Workshop

Mini Lessons for Student writers

Click here to access pre-recorded mini lessons that include published book authors sharing their processes to help students develop and reflect on their own processes as writers.

Demonstrating mini lessons

Click on the link above to access resources about mini lessons and ideas for how to demonstrate mini lessons, including a collated list of videos of published authors speaking about their processes and giving advice to young authors.

Using mentor texts to support genre studies

Click on the link above to access lists of mentor texts to support genre units of study.

Support for Teachers in Writing Workshop Instruction

Click on the link above to access lists of professional books, videos of teachers teaching mini lessons and conferring, and information about professional communities near you!


Please contact Katie McKay if you have questions or are looking for resources to support the teaching of writing workshop.

You can view Katie McKay’s Curriculum Vitae here.