Building Culturally Responsive Units of Study: From Texas to Mexico and Back
 by: Katie McKay

Summary: By crafting units of study that cast immigration as part of the American historical process, a teacher-consultant at the Heart of Texas Writing Project creates opportunities for her bilingual students to explore immigration in a trusting and productive classroom environment.

quentinnorightsimage_0Lights, Camera, Social Action! by: Katie McKay

Summary: Through a unit of study on America’s history of discrimination and current-day mirco-aggressions, Katie McKay engaged 4th grade students in difficult conversations about racism, sexism, and classism and called on them to write themselves into imovies as agents of change.

Do Our Students Have Access? by: Katie McKay

Summary: In this post, originally published at, Katie McKay speaks to the digital divide in access to digital tools and high quality application of digital tools in schools that serve underprivileged student populations. This article was also published here by

image-6Teaching in the Connected Learning Classroom 

Summary: Katie McKay contributed to this volume which highlights compelling firsthand counter-narratives from educators engaged in solving an array of challenges in today’s classrooms. It draws together narratives from an inspiring group of educators within the National Writing Project—a collaborative network of instructors dedicated to enhancing student learning and effecting positive change—that contributes to our understanding of what “Digital Is” (DI).

Thrive: 5 Ways to (Re) Invigorate Your Teaching by: Meenoo Rami

Summary: Katie McKay shares her experience with finding a slice of time where test preparation is put aside and students’ authentic lives as writers is celebrated in public.